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Real Whizzinator XXX.
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What Is The Real Whizzinator XXX?

The real Whizzinator XXX is a urinating device that is realistic in its look and feel with the folds and texture of a real flaccid penis. The real Whizzinator XXX kit includes a prosthetic with an adjustable strap and 4oz reservoir, one vial of lab grade sterile Gold'n Shower dehydrated synthetic human urine with the same pH, color, smell, specific gravity, and foam of real human urine, 2 eight hour heat pads (total of 16 hours of heat), temperature indicator, detailed instructions, and a reusable fill pump. View the video here and see how easy it is to setup and use.

Using The Real Whizzinator XXX

To start and stop the flow of Gold'n Shower synthetic urine, the real Whizzinator XXX uses a discreet on/off valve located conveniently above the prosthetic (blue lever in picture). This on/off valve is turned one direction to start the flow of synthetic urine and the opposite direction to stop the flow. If using an on/off valve is a concern then try the new real Whizzinator XXX 1. A touch sensitive valve in the tip of the prosthetic allows you to use only one hand to start and stop the flow of fluid.

What Is The New Real Whizzinator XXX 1?

The new real Whizzinator XXX 1 is the one-handed version of the real Whizzinator XXX. A touch sensitive internal pinch valve allows you to control when and how fast you want the synthetic urine to flow. It includes everything found in the real Whizzinator XXX kit.

Using The Real Whizzinator XXX 1

Pinch on the shaft of the prosthetic when you want the synthetic urine to flow and stop pinching when you want it to stop. The touch sensitive valve allows you to control the strength of the flow of synthetic urine. The real Whizzinator XXX 1 also includes an on/off valve (blue lever in picture) to prevent any accidental discharge of synthetic urine. Once this on/off valve is turned to the on position you only need one hand to control the flow of synthetic urine.

Free Synthetic Urine Refills

Massive Dynamics is offering you the opportunity to get free synthetic urine refills with the purchase of a real Whizzinator XXX or real Whizzinator XXX 1. If you are interested in taking advantage of our free synthetic urine refills, please review the real Whizzinator XXX Terms and Conditions: Synthetic Urine Free Refill Offer before ordering.